Faster, more accurate sales proposals with CPQ

Is it too much of a fuzz creating a quote?

Turn several data sources and systems into a single User Interface with vloxq CPQ. No more spreadsheets or templates.
Create quotes in minutes, instead of hours.

Let us help you automate your quote generation process

1. Collect

Everything you need to create quotes in vloxq CPQ.

2. Automate

Remove manual tasks and help sales teams focus on selling.

3. Create

Correct quotes that will increase hit rates and shorten sales cycles.

Many of the fastest growing organizations are already using CPQ software.

See for yourself how CPQ can help your sales team.

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Revenue growth


Increased margins


Quota attainment

Source: Companies that have implemented a CPQ-tool, Aberdeen Group.

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Spend less time on manual quote generation

Create a proposal instantly. Preset rules will determine for example which products go together, whilst staying within the desired price range. 


Automated calculations improves profitability

A simple configuration by vloxq secures your pricing quote, business proposal or procurement. Estimates are calculated with built-in rules and logic, ensuring that your pricing quotes always have the correct price and margins. 


Seamless workflows with ERP, CRM and Esign

We understand the desire to optimize your process. vloxq can be used together with your existing systems. 


Optimize the effectiveness of your sales team

Shorter sales cycles and improved profitability. Learn more about how CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) can help you grow faster.


Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks to help companies grow

“We are seeing a society that is becoming increasingly digital and especially automated.
Our vision is to help companies automate those manual and administrative tasks through smart solutions
that will free up time and resources better spent on more valuable work.”

Andreas Granstedt, serial entrepreneur and Co-founder vloxq

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